There has been a lot of attention given to start-up businesses over the last decade, and as a result hundreds of thousands of new businesses start-up each year in the UK.

Businesses that started five or more years ago and have taken on staff to support growth have proven that there is a market for their products or services.

Some companies find the initial growth slows into more of a plateaux than the classic steep growth curve we hope for. There are lots of reason why this might happen: competitors get better; managing employees gets harder when you have more of them; suppliers let you down; distributors get distracted; good sales people move on… basically things change and it’s tough running a business and staying one step ahead. And this is where we aim to help – by helping you to understand the current challenges more clearly, and then develop a plan to overcome them. 

This programme is for companies that have proven that their business model can work, but know they need to do something differently in order to kick start growth again.

“We are looking for companies that have strong ambition to grow more quickly.”

The criteria for participation in this programme of support:

  • Company has been trading for 5 years or more.
  • Based in Newhaven or Newhaven area
  • The business employs 5 or more people
  • Ambitions to grow by at least 20% per year 

This programme has been set up to provide support to a group of 8-12 companies who meet the above criteria, and will provide those companies with:

  • One to One business consultancy support to collaboratively develop a 3-year growth action plan for the business 
  • Access to a series of expert-led talks / workshops, designed specifically around the challenges of the businesses selected to be on this programme
  • 6 sessions with a business mentor, someone with senior level experience of growing a successful business in your sector
  • Participation in a network exclusively for local business directors. 

The companies that best meet these criteria will be selected to participate. See the Contact us section – and get in touch to discuss your involvement today. 

There is no fee for participation. 

The programme will run from February / March 2019 to August 2019. Entry is open now – you just need to get in contact to discuss your suitability. Place are limited so making initial contact today is recommended.