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Newhaven is emerging as a hot-spot of small and medium sized companies on the cusp of impressive growth. A brilliant business support programme, launched earlier this year, has revealed the first seven winners! The seven companies are an amazing treasure-trove of exciting, innovative and creative enterprises.  The companies were selected for the Scale Up programme following an intense round of applications and interviews. “The key attribute we are looking for is ambition, with a desire and belief that the companies could, with a little help, grow the business by at least 50% in the next 3 years,” says project lead Gavin McWhirter. Who is running the Project? The project is being managed by Gavin McWhirter of Digital Islands, an economic development and growth acceleration company specialising in start-ups and early stage companies.  The 7 companies selected for this project are Tin...

About me

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My name is Gavin McWhirter and I run my own business under the name Digital Islands. We have been selected to run this scale up project for Newhaven by East Sussex County Council. My background is international business development. I was head of the London office of Ireland’s export development and venture organisation, Enterprise Ireland. We helped Irish companies that were looking to export out of Ireland into the UK, and over a ten year period I worked with hundreds of small and medium sized companies, across multiple sectors. Since 2017 I have been working independently and have continued to work on projects helping SMEs with their sales, marketing, market research and growth plans. I run workshops on value proposition development, develop sales and marketing plans, provide lead generation and market research services. I also have a good network of contacts that can be...

Hello Newhaven!

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Digital Islands has been selected to work on this project and we are excited! Our objectives are simple – we need to find 12 companies in the Newhaven area that have strong ambition, who we can help to grow faster than they are now. There will be a wealth of hands-on support provided to companies selected for this project. Do not be shy. Do not wait to be asked – give us a call or send an email. There is no cost to participation, but if selected you will be asked to commit to the programme over the next 6-8 months. We will work hard to keep the admin to a minimum, and aim to add value quickly. Sound interesting? You need to have been trading for 5 years or more, have 5 or more employees, be based in or near Newhaven, and have buckets of ambition. If this is you – contact Gavin today, my mobile number is 0773 6060230 Or by email Gavin McWhirter If you know a company in...