Scale up

The Scale Up Institute has been the inspiration for the methodology behind this programme. The Institute do a fantastic job, and  in 2014 published a brilliant piece of work, called the Scale Up Report. This research identified the interventions and supports that actually made a difference.

As a result of this research we now know the kind of programmes that really help companies to grow. This programme is looking to support companies that have been trading for a few years already. We are looking for companies that have proven they have a viable business model. 

The Institute has inspired a number of Scale Up projects across the UK. These project are all focused on helping to grow  business that have already been trading for several years. And these business will already employ several people. We are looking for companies that have the ambition to grow by 20% per annum over the next few years. 

For this project we are looking to work with companies that have been trading for five years or more already. Companies should also have 5 or more employees. If you have strong growth ambitions, then we want to work with you.  You can apply here

If you want to read more about the research behind the growing number of scale up projects across the country look at the work of The Scale-Up Institute.